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This section will give you some of the humor found in Hooterville. If you have anything you would like to add, please e-mail me and I will add it to the page. (As big of a fan as I am, I still have not seen all the episodes!)

The first two items deal with how, when, and where Mr. & Mrs. Douglas got married and the age of Mrs. Douglas.

1. Wedding Info

    I don't want to put anything here that's very specific yet, but they've told stories about getting married in Hungary with gypsies (sp?), during the war, (WWII) after meeting on a boat, etc.

2. Mrs. Douglas' Age
    In episode #13 - 'The Wedding Anniversary' The Douglas' need to get a new marriage license and Lisa asks if she should put her age now, or when they were married. Oliver says now, and she puts down 25! Sam asks her about that, and she says she was a Hungarian child bride!

    In episode #63 - 'The Man For the Job' Brad Collins (sp?) is retiring from being state senator because he wants to get married and raise a family. Fred tells Oliver that he's 92, and Oliver says (regarding starting a family) 'That's impossible'. Lisa then says that her father was 87 when she was born - 'How else do you explain that I'm only 22?' Hahaha. Not only is the age interesting, but her reasoning doesn't 'explain' anything! Haha.

3. Just where IS Hooterville?
    It is never said exactly where Hooterville is located, but it's been speculated that it is somewhere near Chicago. That seems to be the closest airport.
    Other clues... One Christmas the temps were in the 70's or 80's... The C.&.F.W. Railroad map (gif coming soon!) shows Hooterville south of Pixley and between Melton (to the west) and Skidmure (to the east).

    Here is what Peter Coury has to say:

    "... I found Pixley, it's a real town in Californias central valley. And it is in a agricultural region with lots of goofy farmers. It's about 40 north of Bakersfield on highway 99. Anyway it's right on the map..."

4. Hooterville Facts
    Hooterville used to be part of Pixley, until they kicked them out. (Eb mentioned this in an episode)

    The whole valley consists of 28 people. - Episode #113 'A Hunting We Won't Go' Update: Fans have counted more then 55 on the mailing list.

    In episode #83, 'Flight to Nowhere' Mr. Haney stated that Chicago is 300 miles away.

    Hooterville's elevation is 1,472 feet.

    The telephone number for Drucker's is Hooterville 2, 9 7 Ring 2.

    Hooterville's state animal is the kangaroo - The state vegetable is the rutabaga.

    The zip code for Pixley is 96344821756, and Hooterville is 3.
5. Who's Who?
    Many characters were used for more then one part, and there are a few interesting relations between some residents of Hooterville.

    Mr. Kimble tells Oliver that his mother, Sarah owns the phone company. Later, Roy Trendell speaks of Sarah as being HIS mother!

    Roy Trendell owns the phone company, as well as the dry cleaners.

    Guy Raymond who played Grover Simpson in episode #63 also played Eb's cousin Walter in episode #70.