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Dr. George M, Weinberger's Home Page

"A specialist in government information systems and public administration research methodology, Dr. Weinberger has had extensive experience in both higher education and the public sector consulting environment. He is the author of a two volume reference work entitled Soviet Cybernetic Technology which presents a detailed account of the Soviet Union's computer history and, in the larger sense, cybernetic history." 

    "A private company that partners with governments across the country to provide fast, secure and reliable e-government services. Governments engage in thousands of interactions with individuals and businesses daily. is developing an ever-increasing suite of e-government services to make these transactions more convenient and efficient."  In addition provides information about local, state, and the federal government.

National Partnership for Reinventing Government

     "The National Partnership for Reinventing Government (NPR), formerly the National Performance Review, is an interagency task force designed to fundamentally change the way the federal government works."

    "Both a print publication and web-based publication, is a hybrid publishing medium that serves as a one-stop source for all state and local government IT buyers, offering tailored product reviews from FCW Government Technology Group's on-site Test Center, a "how to" section based on actual state and local government applications and technology features addressing key information technologies. also provides columns, grant and funding information."

    "This web site was developed to give state and local government officials and employees easy access to federal information in ways that make sense to you."

    "From its inception over 12 years ago, Government Technology magazine has been dedicated to providing government executives with key information they need to succeed in running modern government. Our mission is to foster the progression of government by communicating up-to-the-minute news, proactive interviews, detailed case studies and best practices on the application of Information Technology."