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The Future of Government: 

Through the use of Information Systems


Like business, the government uses the Internet to reach out to people.  With over 20,000 websites, and an estimated 100 million web pages, the United States government is striving to serve its citizens.  In the past 30 years from the beginning of the Internet to today, the government has changed.  Today's citizen have access to government officials, and information that has never existed before.  If you are interested in reading about the subject further, follow the link  to my web based project.  If you would like to see other sites that deal with government technology and information systems, please visit my webliography.



"The idea of reengineering through technology is critical. We didn't want to automate the old, worn processes of government. Information technology (IT) was and is the great enabler for reinvention. It allows us to rethink, in fundamental ways, how people work and how we serve customers."

Vice President Gore

"We reinvented government, transforming it into a catalyst for new ideas that stress both opportunity and responsibility, and give our people the tools they need to solve their own problems."

 President Bill Clinton
January 27, 2000

"For Alaskans, the Internet has altered the way our people deal with government in ways that were never contemplated by our basic structure of government, including the Constitution,"

Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska).